Nutrition Consulting for A Healthier Life

Nutrition consulting can help you distinguish the bad foods you may be eating from the good foods that are lacking in your diet.

Sometimes we make the wrong food choices thinking that we are actually eating nutritiously sound food. Let’s take a look at some of the myths regarding carbs and proteins, and even fats in our diets.

First, when you ask a professional for nutrition advice, you are not going to be told to eat all protein or all carbs in your diet in order to achieve fat loss and muscle gain.

This is a huge misconception. Ideally, you should have equal proportions of complex carbs and high quality proteins in your diet daily, with fats being used sparingly.

However, there are some fats that are very beneficial to us, and sources of such fats include olive oil, nuts, and certain fish, such as salmon.

Usually, the only time you might be advised by a professional during nutrition consulting to eat a diet higher in protein is if you are into natural bodybuilding.

Even then, you will still be encouraged to eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as whole grains. Carbohydrates do not make you fat; overeating does. Carbs provide us with the energy we need to sustain our bodies throughout our workouts.

In addition, carbs release chemicals in our bodies that make us feel better. Protein, on the other hand, is used for muscle growth. Good sources of high quality protein include fish, lean red meats, poultry, and nuts.

The goal is to find balance in our diets as well as in the rest of our lives, which can help us with stress reduction and weight loss.

The Truth about Natural Bodybuilding Diets

Typically, natural bodybuilding diets contain a slightly higher percentage of protein in the diet than of carbohydrates. However, it seems that this latest craze of high protein diets has gotten out of hand.

True, if you are eating to build muscle, you want to make sure that your diet consists of high quality lean proteins that can help your muscles grow and repair themselves.

However, a diet that has virtually all of its calories coming from protein will ultimately cause problems for you. First, you will begin to notice that your energy level has dropped, because carbohydrates are responsible for giving us our energy.

In addition, you will be depriving your body of the balanced nutrients it needs that it can only get from foods high in complex carbohydrates.

The fact is, you can still get a ripped body if you consume carbohydrates. But, if getting lean, defined muscles is your ultimate goal, you may want to consume a slightly higher amount of foods rich in protein, without sacrificing other nutrients.

You might want to start off your day with an egg white omelette, wheat toast, and a small orange juice. This meal will provide you with carbs, protein, and some fat.

For lunch, you might opt for a grilled chicken salad, with lots of fresh veggies and low fat dressing. And dinner could consist of salmon steaks, salad, and brown rice, or another starch.

Of course you can snack in-between meals, with healthy foods, such as fruit, protein bars, or even peanut butter on wheat crackers.

This way, you will fuel your body throughout the day with the energy and nutrients it needs to perform at its peak.

Thirty Gifts of Daily Exercise: 30 Minute Morning Exercise Routine

Don’t think of it as exercise. Think of it as a gift. If you give yourself thirty minutes each day, you will see at least thirty benefits. It’s as simple as walking. You don’t even have to learn to ride a bike again.

Go ahead. Grab hold of that ribbon and rip open your present.

  • Benefit 1: Make it simple. Walk through your own neighborhood. Say hi to your neighbors. Meet new people. Make new friends. A smile burns calories too!
  • Benefit 2: You will receive thirty minutes of solitude. No one will be vying for your attention, because they can see that you are busy.
  • Benefit 3: Take along your cell phone and call a good friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. They will be so happy to hear from you, and the time will fly by.
  • Benefit 4: Commune with nature. Leave the iPod at home. Listen to the sounds of nature’s symphony. Be at peace with your surroundings. It’s inspirational.
  • Benefit 5: Plan to walk each day with your spouse and you will finally get some quality time in. If you are too winded to talk, go a little slower. He or she will wait for you.
  • Benefit 6: On your walk, you will notice animals that you had forgotten all about. They are so cute! Enjoy their presence.
  • Benefit 7: You will absorb that Vitamin D you need. Twenty minutes a day is crucial to good health.
  • Benefit 8: Ask a friend or two to join you. Make it a firm date that you never miss. Don’t worry. They’ll remind you. You’ll save money too!
  • Benefit 9: Walk the dog. He is dying to get outside and sniff. However, don’t count those stopped moments in your thirty. Walk farther.
  • Benefit 10: Lift some weights afterwards at least twice weekly and you will see muscle tone again. Your walk will warm up your muscles, preparing them for the strength training.
  • Benefit 11: Fresh air does wonders for your skin and hair. Breathe some in.
  • Benefit 12: When you have a creative block, the juices will start to flow as soon as you hit the pavement.
  • Benefit 13: Drink plenty of water before and after. Your body will be hydrated and happy.
  • Benefit 14: You will have energy to burn. Your productivity will go up.
  • Benefit 15: Your bathroom scale will no longer be your enemy.
  • Benefit 16: You will finally have time to clear your mind of all your worries. You will no longer feel guilty for not exercising. You will find inner peace.
  • Benefit 17: You will feel proud of your accomplishment. Your new habits will be infectious. You will be a leader. You will have achieved a personal goal.
  • Benefit 18: If walking gets boring, pull out the bike. I bet you remember how to ride it. Ask your kids to go with you. They would love to spend some time outdoors too.
  • Benefit 19: You will feel better about that donut you ate on Friday morning.
  • Benefit 20: By the time you’ve walked for 3 months, you can splurge on a new pair of sneakers. You deserve it! Shoe shopping is the best!
  • Benefit 21: Just think: You could save money on gas if you walked to work or the store.
  • Benefit 22: People will compliment your looks as you become slimmer and healthier.
  • Benefit 23: Stretch before and after you walk. Your muscles will lengthen and work more smoothly. You will feel relief from your stress immediately.
  • Benefit 24: It will give you a reason to go shopping. You probably need some smaller clothes now.
  • Benefit 25: You will maintain stronger relationships with everyone you connect with as you exercise. You will be a more positive force in the world.
  • Benefit 26: Your blood pressure numbers will improve.
  • Benefit 27: Your cholesterol numbers will improve.
  • Benefit 28: Your diabetes may disappear. Your doctor will be thrilled to see you and you will be proud to see him or her.
  • Benefit 29: You will feel a stronger connection with your creator. You will see the amazing changes in your body and your ability to do more than you ever imagined. You will see the beauty that is just outside your own front door. It will be awesome.
  • Benefit 30: You will live a longer, more enjoyable and healthy life.

In the end, you will have given yourself not just one, but at least thirty gifts. All it takes is thirty minutes. Use your time wisely and enjoy the best gift in the world – a healthy you.

5 More Myths About Abdominal Exercise

Gyms, exercise equipment stores, and personal trainers continue to perpetuate the common myths about abdominal exercise because they are the backbone of the exercise sales industry, and because they have been believed for so long that no one questions them. Before you begin a program to train your abs, check out these common misconceptions.

Myth #1: You need a gadget to train your abdominal muscles.

Although roller equipment may help the novice to understand the principles of the crunching movement, the floor works better than any piece of equipment ever will. Most tools designed to train your abs will actually strengthen your back and hips instead. Another benefit? Using the floor to work your abs is free!

Myth #2: Sit-ups are better than crunches.

Nope…Crunches are actually better for the abs than regular sit-ups because once your shoulders clear the floor, you’re working hip and back muscles more than your working abdominal muscles. So instead of killing yourself with sit-ups, take the time to learn how to do the perfect crunch.

Myth #3: You can get rid of “love handles” through crunches alone.

This is another common misconception about abdominal workouts. Any time you want to reduce fat on your body, you must change your eating habits. So many people believe that simply working out will get rid of body fat…and it will, as long as you stop stuffing your face with burgers, fries, and milkshakes!

Myth #4: You should put your entire body into working your abs.

Actually, involving the head, neck or legs in abdominal exercise not only reduces the effectiveness of your workout, but can lead to injury. Instead, put your hands behind your head without lacing your fingers, slide your shoulders down, and tilt your chin slightly so that there is about a fists worth of space between your chin and your chest. You should maintain this position throughout the course of your exercise for the most effective workout.

Using your legs during an abdominal workout isn’t really harmful, but it isn’t really helpful either. Remember that you should work each muscle group individually for the best outcome.

Myth #5: Arching your back makes abdominal exercise more effective.

Arching your back actually reduces the amount of work your abdominal muscles are doing and is likely to result in chronic back pain. Instead, let your back do what feels natural and leave no more than two inches of space between your back and the floor.

Now that we have busted all the myths that come with abdominal exercise, you should be able to start working toward a flat stomach without risking injury.

Top 3 Exercise Programs for Seniors

Are you a senior who wants to find the right exercise program. Let us help. We’ve based our selections on three criteria, popularity, safety and ease of use. We are sure one of these regimens will be right for you.

So before you sign up for the gym or buy that swanky new workout equipment take a second look at your options. These are the top 3 exercise programs for seniors.

No matter what shape you are in, exercise is a good idea. Did you know even people with chronic illnesses can receive some benefits to a regular program? Studies show that regular exercise keeps seniors feeling better and living longer. And you don’t have to be the picture of health to get started.

Start where you are today and build your stamina up to where you want to be. Take it slow at first. Pace yourself. Be sure to wear loose clothing, stretch for a few minutes before exercising and stay hydrated by drinking water. Pick one of these top 3 seniors exercise programs to get you moving – in a healthy direction!


Yes, it’s the old standby. But don’t underestimate the healthy power of walking. Walking is a great cardio exercise. That means it’ll get your lungs to do some healthy breathing. As they work, they’ll transfer oxygen throughout your body boosting circulation, building metabolism. Even if weight loss isn’t your goal, you’ll see your body began to become slim and trim when you enjoy regular walks. Walk in the cooler parts of the day to avoid becoming too hot. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and a reliable, supportive walking shoe.

Walk on paths and trails that are free of holes. You want to avoid tripping and falling. Walking 3 times a week is a good program. The optimum time for walking is 30 minutes a day but start where you are comfortable.

If you haven’t exercised in a while then walk for just a few minutes to start with. Then build your time up a little bit every time you walk. There’s little cost involved in this top 3 seniors exercise program other than a pair of good walking shoes. This exercise program is good to do with a friend too!


You’ve probably heard of yoga but maybe aren’t too sure how it works. You’ll be happy to know lots of seniors are doing yoga to keep fit. Yoga is a simple exercise technique that builds cardio strength and muscle strength.

It’s usually taught by an instructor either by DVD or in a live class. Senior yoga is becoming so popular because it’s a reliable exercise program that offers it’s participants little chance of injury to themselves.

People who participate in yoga report that they have better balance, more strength, sleep better and are generally happier. The cost ranges from minimal to moderate. The cost is minimal if you decide to rely on a DVD as your instructor. It’s a little more if you decide to join a class. Both senior men and women are enjoying yoga as a retirement exercise.

Tai Chi

Also consider the Tai Chi style of exercise. Tai Chi is pronounced TIE CHEE. Originally from China, Tai Chi has grown in popularity with American Seniors over the past two decades. Tai Chi is led by an instructor either by DVD or in a live class. However once you’ve learned some basic Tai Chi moves you can do them on your own. You’ll see many seniors enjoying this exercise and art form in outdoor venues like parks.

Tai Chi is a series of graceful moves that uses your whole body. No matter what shape you are this top 3 seniors exercise program is a good choice. The benefits are better breathing, better health and posture. With Tai Chi you’ll also sleep better and just feel better.

Choose one of our top 3 seniors exercise programs. They benefits are tremendous!