Commercial Gym Equipment Packages | Gym Setup For Sale

Commercial Gym Equipment Packages | Gym Setup For Sale

With decades of experience in helping people open their own gym, NtaiFitness always create Custom Gym Equipment Packages that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each new gym owner. The following are some of our most popular sample gym equipment packages. There are pieces of equipment that are a great fit for small, mid-sized & large start-up gyms. Take a look & see if one of these will meet your needs, take advantage of our heavily discounted gym package pricing!

Commercial Gym Equipment Packages

These Sample Packages are a great place for you to start because they give you an idea of what works in a small, mid-size and large size gym. You can adapt this to your own room so that your new gym is the special place to train and get fit.

Our Complete Gym Equipment Package are customizable – let us help you make your own.

Open Your Own Gym,and If you have a specific blend of fitness equipment in mind, let’s talk and we can design a custom gym equipment Package that is a perfect fit. Don’t worry, we can still take advantage of volume discount purchasing and save you a bunch through our connections with China fitness equipment manufacturers that we have developed over our thirty plus years in the industry.

The Premier Commercial Gym Equipment featured on NtaiFitness is the absolute best equipment on the market today. Our State-of-the-Art equipment is made to meet the demands fitness experts who expect the very best performing equipment. Only the best equipment goes into our gym equipment packages.

Wanting to start your own gym?

For the new gym owner, the Impact Fitness Triumph Series equipment has modern styling. Styling that sets the gym apart from what is seen in everyday gyms. This is very important to the gym owner. The first impression that a prospective new member gets when they first enter a gym often determines whether or not they decide to join. Commonly found equipment brands make the statement that the gym is the same as every other gym in the area. State-of the-Art equipment tells the prospective member that they have entered someplace special that they’d like to show to their personal trainer. Maybe even to find a personal trainer to show them this great new gym. This initial impression can make a huge impact on their decision on which gym to join.

Having the best, modern equipment also lets your existing members know that they belong to a first class gym. A gym where the owner is enthusiastic about fitness and about the gym. It shows that you, the owner, care enough about the gym to use only the best equipment for your members to train with. Our equipment sends this signal strongly and promotes a rich environment of enthusiastic, energetic members who are confident that they are working out on equipment that is superior to the same old equipment found in so many other gyms. Our equipment helps you not only to get new members, but to retain the members that you already have! This is an essential element to the long term success of any gym.

Premier Commercial Strength Gym Equipment – Small Package

or those looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety and function.Now you can “Start Small and Still Have it All” with our Premier Small Start Up Gym Package! Featuring the BEST in commercial gym quality strength equipment. With Triumph Series by Impact Fitness Equipment, your new gym will have the modern look and superior functioning equipment. This helps your members get the most enjoyment and performance from their workout. With weight stack stations, free weight equipment, and a varied mix of cardio machines, our Premier Small Start Up Gym Package has all that you need for personal training or a smaller club environment.

Premier Commercial Strength Gym Equipment – Mid-Sized Package

For those looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety and function.Impact Fitness Equipment’s Triumph Series strength line is precision engineered to offer the utmost in high end design and function for premier gyms. Features such as large 2 x 4 11 gauge oval steel tubing frames, clear and concise instructional placards, converging and diverging axis planes, fully enclosed weight stack shrouds with 16 gauge steel rear panels, flanged steel end caps on handles to prevent the user’s hands from slipping during the exercise and more make the Triumph Series the #1 choice for exercisers and owners alike.

Impact Fitness Triumph Series turns any gym into a beautiful showroom of biomechanically sound strength equipment!

Premier Commercial Strength Gym Equipment – Large Package

For those looking for the very best in state of the art design, safety and function.

Impact Fitness Equipment’s Triumph Series strength line is engineered to offer the utmost in high end design and function. Ideally suited for premier gyms and fitness centers where nothing but the best will do. This equipment is built to accommodate various user sizes, (including larger individuals), and is structurally sound. The equipment is aesthetically appealing, and functionally accurate. Featuring the same high end placard, axis planes, weight stack shrouds as our mid sized package above. All using high quality materials and component parts. Finished with the elegant look and durability of the IMPACT FITNESS Triumph Series. All that turns any gym into a State-of-the-Art showcase of ergonomically and biomechanically sound gym equipment.

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Pilates Training and Equipment Packages

Commercial Gym Equipment

We Sell Commercial Gym Equipment

NtaiFitness is a leader in commercial gym equipment sales worldwide,we are commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.From full gyms to individual machines, our customers have found us to have high quality machines at a competitive price. We offer a great value on all of our fitness equipment, parts and accessories.

This is actually a discussion of economic reality: when you’re opening a new gym or updating an existing gym facility, you need to bring in equipment that will stay in service on your gym floor and endure whatever level of use it experiences. Only commercial gym equipment meets this requirement.Of the many benefits afforded by choosing commercial gym equipment, parts availability is one of the most important. Because these machines are designed for a long life of reliable service.

How long does commercial gym equipment last?

The easiest, most satisfying answer to this is “WAY longer than home gym equipment!” but that’s not very specific. In general, commercial gym equipment is designed to provide between 3 – 5 years of uninterrupted use in a public-serving gym facility that is open 24 hours a day. This assumes that all manufacturer maintenance and repair protocols and software updates are followed precisely.

How much does commercial gym equipment cost?

This is a question that is hard to answer without more specifics. Are your wondering “In comparison to home gym equipment, how much does commercial gym equipment cost?” That is still a challenge because there are so many variables but, in general, brand new commercial gym equipment is significantly more expensive than brand new home gym equipment. This is another excellent reason to consider buying refurbished commercial gym equipment instead. It can be purchased for 50 to 70% lower prices than brand new.

NtaiFitness offer well-designed, durably made machines.If you’re looking for the top supplier of commercial gym equipment worldwide contact NtaiFitness.

The different types of equipment we have available includes:

  • Cardio Gym Equipment – treadmills, ellipticals (cross trainers), upright bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycles, steppers, stepmills (stair climbers), arc trainers and more
  • Strength Training Equipment – individual machines and complete circuits, bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, weight plates
  • Gym Equipment Packages – a combination of cardio and strength machines
  • Accessories – medicine ball sets, slam balls, handles, plyo boxes, mats
  • Gym Flooring – rubber flooring (rolls and interlocking mats), wood and turf

Commercial gym equipment packages

Commercial gym equipment packages

Commercial Gym Packages are available for all types and sizes of gyms. Below is just a sample of what we have available. We specialize in creating custom gym packages based on your available space and budget. Our sales team have years of experience building gyms and can offer you their expert advice. We wholesale to the public, dealers and resellers. Buy direct from commercial fitness equipment manufacturers for the best prices!

Fill out Custom Gym Package Request Form to request gym package information. NtaiFitness can customize a gym package to fit your timeline, equipment needs, and budget. We have a wide selection of product and price points to create a custom home gym, personal training studio, apartment fitness center, hotel fitness center, CrossFit gym, club style gyms, warehouse style gyms and larger!

We can accommodate gyms of ALL +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839 to talk to our expert sales staff.learn more about our custom gym packages. Commercial gym equipment packages are available for any budget. We can customize a package to fit your needs today.

commercial gym equipment for sale

NtaiFitness can help you with your purchase and service of commercial fitness equipment.Contact us today for more information!Buy best commercial gym equipment right now!

PilatesTraining and Equipment Packages for sale

Start or expand your Pilates group programming

Pilates Training and Equipment Packages

Pilates Equipment for Sale

what is Pilates, and what are those crazy Pilates machines and equipment? Pilates is an exercise method that Joseph Pilates created back in the day, 1930’s to be exact, using hospital beds and their inherent springs to create resistance. He later used the same spring concept to engineer what we now know as the Pilates Machines. However, Just to help you set the lingo straight, in Pilates studios the machines are referred to as “apparatuses” and the small equipment is commonly referred to as “props.” Joseph’s original equipment design hasn’t changed much since the 1930’s and almost the exact same model of the apparatuses he created are in Pilates studios today.

Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a floor mat or a variety of equipment. It evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates and can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. Pilates builds strength without excess bulk, capable of creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen.

Pilates Equipment Names

  • Mat Pilates:Mat Pilates, commonly called “matwork,” is the method most people are familiar with since this approach is often present at fitness centers, retreats and in online classes.
  • Pilates Props:Such props include the Pilates ring, toning balls, resistance bands, BOSUs, foam rollers, large stability balls, medium stability balls, small stability balls.
  • Pilates Reformer:The Pilates reformer is the most common apparatus of the family.It was named the reformer by Joseph.The reformer has a “carriage” which slides along two railings that serve as the frame of the machine. The carriage has springs of varying resistance that hook up to the front edge of the frame that can create as much or as little resistance as you’d like for a particular exercise.
  • Pilates Cadillac:The Cadillac was Joseph’s “cadillac” apparatus, just like the car, fully loaded with all of the bells and whistles.
  • Pilates Chair:The Pilates Chair is one of the smaller apparatuses that still utilizes a spring system for resistance.
  • Pilates Barrels:The “Barrel” category in Pilates is wide spread and includes the ladder barrel, spine corrector and classic barrel.

It’s fast and economical. Balanced Body’s training and equipment packages offer you the most economical way to launch a profitable Pilates program. Compare our quality to anyone!

Where to Buy Pilates Equipment?

See our sample Pilates training and equipment packages below. Please call us for a customized package to meet your specific needs.What’s included in our commercial pilates equipment training and equipment packages? Equipment engineered and built all pilates equipment size for Your commercial gym.

NtaiFitness  Pilates Equipment Features

  • great entry-level Reformer, lightest weight, lowest price, easiest to store.
  • the most versatile, expandable, easy-to-use Reformer system in the world.
  • the most intuitive, easy to use Reformer available, with updates your clients will love.
  • the most compact, durable and adjustable on the market, and the only Pilates chair that provides a full-body workout.
  • part mind-body, part strength, part cardio. And totally unique!.

Who We Are

We are pilates equipment manufacturers in china.We are best rated commercial gym equipment manufacturers located in DeZhou city,Shandong province.You can read more about Ntaifitness.

2018- Equip Your Gym with Durable Pilates Equipment from NTailFitness

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise and the purpose of exercises is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit this is an essential reason why NTailFitness provides you with durable Pilates equipment for the gym to enable you have a well rounded exercising session. Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind body exercise using a floor mat or a variety of equipment which helps to dramatically transform the general outlook of the body and enhances performance.

2018- Equip Your Gym with Durable Pilates Equipment from NTailFitness

NTailFitness is an innovation from ShanDong Ningtai , a Body Building Apparatus Limited Company, that that fabricates, designs and supplies quality assured and feature-laden fitness equipment to its global clients, I mean from china to the rest of the world! They have overtime as a result of excellence been rated the bestcommercial gym manufacturers.

Pilates Training and Equipment Packages for Sale

Do you have a flair for exercising? Do you own a gym? Finding it difficult in getting original Pilates equipment at a fair and affordable cost? NTailFitness offers you a customized package to meet your specific needs, we have in stock equipments engineered and built all Pilates equipment size for your commercial gym. Our Pilates equipment namesare:

  • Mat Pilates- commonly called ‘matwork’, is the method people are most familiar with since this approach is often present at fitness centers, retreats and in online classes.
  • Pilates Props- this includes pilates ring, toning balls, resistance brands, BOSUs, foam rollers, large stability balls, small stability balls.
  • Pilates Reformer- The Pilates reformer is the most common apparatus of the family, the reformer has a ‘carriage‘ which slides along two railings that serve as the frame of the machine. The carriage has springs of varying resistance that hook up to the front edge of the frame that can create as much or as little resistance as you’d like for a particular exercise.
  • Pilates Cadillac- This is fully loade with bells and whistles.
  • Pilates Chair- This is one of the smaller apparatuses that still utilize a spring system for resistance.
  • Pilates Barrels- This includes the ladder barrel, spine corrector and classic barrel

NTailFitness offers you these balanced body equipments in very economical prices, also having a series of distinct features like versatility, expandable, adjustable, easy to use and store reformer system and many more substantial qualities to mention a few.

For more information regarding our quality services, visit our website We are located at No.287,KangBo DaDao, Economic Development Zone, DeZhou City, ShanDong Province, 253082, China.

Whatsapp- +8615117981698

Tel- +86-0534-5088836 +86-0534-5088836


Is it Better to Workout At home or The Gym?

Thanks for joining me!

Is it Better to Workout At home or The Gym?

it isn’t noteworthy to find that numerous individuals in China get back some self-restraint of commercial gym equipmentas it relates to the ever-fundamental and indispensable art of remaining fit as a fiddle which frequently falls in the space of being objectively and physically changed. This has been an example that has seen heaps of individuals go for hardware that is marked business as against those that are delivered for private use. The reason behind this is related with the way that the affirmed gym equipment doesn’t continue going as long as it should, for the most part when it is used as a piece of the cutoff points of the home or office.

This is so because most of the overall public that to be sure continue to get them don’t keep to a set calendar that sees them take out different exercise or exercise outlines.

The gym is the perfect place to start any standard and figured advancements that would see you free some weight or build up a couple of abs everything considered, notwithstanding it not about merely getting some trade open to enroll out these distinctive rec centers and transform into a card passing on a part.You ought to start at now have the first idea as it relates to what your body genuinely needs as at the period of your enrollment.

A couple of individuals continue to get some multi-home Physical exercise center hardware without hugely knowing how far they need to go as it concerns their sorted out quality. By now most of this gym equipment after they probably been gotten, are not adequately dependable for use by different people as soon as possible.

For a circumstance where an individual puts aside the money expected for the purchase of unique gym equipment for the home or the working environment. What’s more, additionally goes for a recreation center in his or her neighborhood that without a doubt brags of commercial gym equipment, you would find that your fundamental longs for seeing a couple of abs show up, and all that undesirable fat devour, would be recognized, and in addition have some exceptional circumstances in the general exercise process.

Synergy 360 Price THEARCHY-2002

Commercial gym equipment China is seen as a terrible differentiating choice to getting fit as it presents us with different potential results of achieving our set out concentration in the gym as it relates to our remaining fit as a fiddle and stable. This is an irrefutable truth as they are worked in far that as often as possible stands the trial of time as it relates to the step by step usage of it. This can’t be said of the individual rec center gear as observed above; they are made to be a thing of beautification in the homes without it adding any positive motivation to the body.

With all, this at the highest point of the need show, it is essential that people go for machines or multi-gym equipment that have been named as pre-asserted. Just for the way that they more often than not are outstandingly stable concerning the thought and idea it had been used, and meanwhile, you find that taking this course for sure extras you a lot of money as time goes on.

Taking a couple to get back some levelheadedness of commercial gym equipment has even been made significantly less requesting now as there are different associations that game plans in them and grab hold of other gym equipment that is reestablished and replated as the case may be for the use of individuals like you and me.

Example of fitness equipment in China

Foam Roller – If you work out, chances are you are at this moment and after that. Self-myofascial release can help inside and out with the throbbing, excruciating quality from tight muscles. Foam rolling is a superb strategy to fabricate circulatory system and flexibility and in this manner compelling soreness and coziness.

Foam rollers move in size and thickness. We propose starting with a 3 ft foam roller with the enormous breadth to begin. They reach out from $20 – $50 depending on the size and quality.

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