How to Buy Gym Equipment for Your Fitness Business

How to Start a Gym

How to choose a favorable gym, a favorable gym can not only make the training more motivating but also full of desire to go to the gym every day, so that the fitness card is worth the money.

You can also meet many like-minded friends in the gym, learn from each other and promote each other. Achieve better training results.

Now let’s take a look at how to choose a suitable gym, you need to pay attention to those factors:

How much is it to open a small gym

It can be much different from the content, equipment selection, and city. And the nature of the gym is divided into many types, such as professional gyms, home gyms, personal education studios and many more.

Different investment methods, of course, the price is not the same, if you want to open a small gym, you must first do a market survey, this is the basic precautions for opening a store.

A suitable gym will have a different experience so that you can be physically and mentally happy.

With the changes in living conditions, people began to health care, and national fitness awareness was strengthened.

Therefore, various fitness institutions appeared in the market and the business was very popular. At the same time, this project attracted many investors.

However, due to the initial involvement of the project, investors are inevitably curious, if so, how much is it to open a small gym? Let’s take a closer look.

The following small series introduces the specific cost of a small gym in the first-tier cities:

  1. The storage area needs at least 1000 square meters, not only the 1000 square meters are for fitness, but it also includes a dressing room, washing room, member lounge, office workroom. If you choose a good location, the rent is definitely expensive, about 200,000 to 1 million a year.
  2. The interior decoration, the gym is also a high-end leisure and entertainment venue, so be sure to decorate the beautiful, a little atmosphere. The cost of the interior decoration and some air conditioners, water and electricity, and the internet in the store will need about 200,000.
  3. Fitness coach, the general gym will have several fitness instructors, the small gym is based on 10 fitness instructors, each person 3,000 yuan a month, 30,000 yuan a month.
  4. Fitness equipment, the main investment in the gym is on the fitness equipment, the amount of these equipment accounts for more than half, according to 10 treadmills, 4 Multi-functional fitness equipment, 10 Strength fitness equipment, 10 sets of barbells, 10 bicycle exercisers According to a better brand, these equipments need about 300,000 to 800,000.

Tips for choosing the right exercise equipment

Determine gym space limitations. How much total space do you have for your gym’s building?

Once you know how much room your gym has for fitness equipment, you need to consider what kinds of equipment you are looking to provide in your gym.

IHRSA research shows that, of total possible space for gym equipment in fitness-only gyms, the following amounts of space tend to be split up between strength, cardio, and group exercise: about 47% strength equipment, 33% cardio machines, and 20% group exercise.

Many corporations have discovered the benefits of keeping their work staff healthy. Studies show that individuals who work out regularly show increased energy levels, increase in their overall work production, and prove to be a positive role model for other employees.

Companies looking to provide a healthy, positive workplace for their employees but have yet to take the “corporate wellness” plunge should carefully consider the commercial fitness equipment they choose for their facility.Finding the Right Type of Fitness Equipment
Fitness equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, stair steppers, elliptical trainers all allow for better cognitive health as well as building muscle strength. Flexing of the muscles has a positive effect on the brain and increases cognitive thinking. Strong cognitive thinking is not only important to the employee; employers like it too.

A corporate fitness facility is only as productive as its equipment. If the equipment is not in good working order it will ultimately not be used. Employees will get frustrated and find it difficult to complete their workout routine and could get discouraged. When fitness equipment is in good working order, easy to navigate, and proves reliable, employees will exercise regularly and look forward to their next work out.

Maintenance & Repair
No one likes to call in service repairs on the fitness equipment. Most of the time maintenance is required because the wrong type of equipment was selected for the facility. The most common example is when standard home quality equipment is used in an environment where high-quality commercial equipment should be used.

High-end quality equipment can easily tolerate repeat users and abusers and continue to maintain their durability and dependability. You must understand how your equipment will be used before deciding what type of equipment you’ll buy.

What Next?
Because corporate fitness facilities are so vitally important to company work production and to maintaining good health with employees, it is important to understand the fitness equipment needs to be of good quality and durable. Consider consulting a fitness equipment expert who is knowledgeable with the corporate fitness facilities themselves, as well as the machines that will best accommodate excessive use.

The combination fitness equipment was first proposed by Ntaifitness., which is a combination of different functional components. It combines multiple functions into one machine, which not only saves space but also is cheaper than purchasing multiple single-function fitness equipment.

The gym is mainly opened in the business district with a lot of people. These places can be described as insufficiency.

Therefore, in recent years, the combination of fitness equipment has become more and more popular among gym owners, especially private education studios. T

Basic gym equipment for any type of a gym

  1. Smith Machine and Functional Trainer. This device has cable crossover training, squat rack, bench press, pull-ups, triceps rope down, biceps curl, neck back pull and many other functions.
  2. High Pulley with Horizontal Pully Machine. With high pulley, rowing, and other functions. There are two models here, one is the Hammer Strength series, which is adjusted by the barbell. The other one is the ordinary weight.
  3. Seated Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl Machine
  4. Spinning Bike and Elliptical Machine. As the name suggests, this BSE10 cardio device is a combination of a spinning bike and an elliptical machine. It has the fun of spinning bikes and can easily do elliptical movements like spacewalks.
  5. Shoulder Press And Chess Press Machine. Both products are adjustable and can be used for flat bench press weightlifting and uphill bench press weight training. Of course, the combination of fitness equipment is far more than these, more equipment, please contact the customer service of Buffett fitness equipment. Let’s take a look at the multi-use gym equipment.
  6. Four Station Multi-function machine. rowing, high pulley, kicking, biceps curling, triceps press, etc.
  7.  Five stations Multifunction machine
  8.  eight-station machine
  9.  nine station gym machine
  10. Crossfit Frame training machine
  11.  Crossfit 360 comprehensive training device, modular customization
  12. A TRX training frame

Having said that, I recommend everyone to visit our factory. If you belong to industry and trade, you can sell it if you buy one.

The equipment numbers in the figure are

  1. High Pull Machine
  2. Leg Extension
  3. Biceps Exerciser
  4. Back muscle trainer
  5. Multifunctional weightlifting chair
  6. Dumbbell flat bench
  7. Two-tier dumbbell rack
  8. Rowing Machine
  9. Seated kick Machine
  10. Abdominal Machine
  11. Seated chest training
  12. Butterfly Machine
  13. Seated Leg Curl Machine
  14. Lower Inclined Weight Table (Inclined Bench)
  15. Luxury Single Station Comprehensive Trainer
  16. Elliptical Machine
  17. Treadmills
  18. Upright Exercise Bike
  19. Spinning
  20. Horizontal bench press
  21. Upper Stool Bench

Ntaifitness Gym Outfitters has turn-key, 24-hour fitness center start-up packages that include: commercial gym fitness equipment, marketing, training and everything you need to start your health club facility.

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How I purchase fitness equipment went opening a gym

Ntaifitness specializes in opening: 24-7 Always open gyms, Coed fitness centers, Ladies only fitness centers, Women’s 30-minute circuit gyms, Kids exercise clubs, Personal training exercise studios, Apartment complex gym setup, Country club fitness centers, Golf course gyms, Corporate employee fitness Centers, Church fitness centers, Hospital medical fitness center facilities, Sports therapy rehab gyms, Wellness centers, School or College fitness centers and hotel resort health clubs, City and municipality gyms, Police and fire department gyms, Military base fitness centers, Multiple-family fitness centers and Ymca’s.

We also will help you to figure out exactly how much it will cost you to opening your new gym and we’ll help guide you to what steps are needed to obtain financing or leasing. Starting a new gym business is easy with Ntaifitness, we will show you how, just like the franchises!

Ntaifitness Gym Design and Consulting

Ntaifitness Gym Consultant’s packages include:

  • Area demographic studies
  • Landlord lease negotiations or purchase
  • Full commercial fitness center equipment lines
  • Gym design, equipment cad layout
  • Fitness center build-out consulting
  • Help in obtaining leasing/financing your new gym
  • No royalties, no franchise fees ever!
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  • Manuals, everything you need to start your own center!
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  • We supply you with 1-2 two weeks of total health club fitness center management
  • We will help you with Fitness center equipment layouts along with cad designs.

We are Gym equipment and Commercial health club equipment, manufacturers.

Ntaifitness Fitness Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development, and production of fitness equipment.

Our product range from commercial gym fitness equipment, for instance, strength training gym equipment, Hammer Strength Series, Synergy 360, Commercial Cardio Treadmill, Rowing machine, Elliptical bike, Lifefitness Plate Loaded Series, Spinning bike, Upright exercise bike to multifunction gym equipment and so on.

The company also provides free 3D gym design for its customers and has been designing for many gyms.

How to layout the gym

  1. A fitness room with internal equipment should be used for cardio-pulmonary functions (fitness bikes, treadmills, rowing machines) and muscle exercises (weightlifting equipment). It can also include equipment for stretching exercises and healthy dance classes.
  2. Spacious and comfortable dressing room, water-filled shower and toilet. These places should be kept clean from time to time.
  3.  Sauna, steam room, hot and cold water massage pool and solarium for relaxation nerves.
  4. Lounge and beverage service.
  5. Massage parlor, beauty salon, and hairdressing room. These devices can generate considerable revenue.
  6. Reception, office and storage room.
  7. The larger fitness center can include squash courts, tennis courts, swimming pools and games rooms (table tennis and billiards).The fitness center equipment must be of good quality, properly maintained and repaired. Cheap equipment is easily damaged and causes dissatisfaction. Ntaifitness equipment is sold at home and abroad and has won the support and trust of many customers. We help customers from the initial gym to successfully help customers build gyms. In the process, we provide 3D design free of charge and provide customers with a one-stop service. Therefore, our company has won a lot of trusts.

Ntaifitness has a well-designed gym professional design team

  1. Ntaifitness FITNESS has ten years of industry precipitation
    To provide customers with the overall solution of the gym.NtaifitnessFITNESS professional design team, integrated gym development needs to be tailored to supporting fitness equipment. A variety of product portfolios to meet the needs of any size customers, gym design fitness equipment procurement one-stop service.
  2. Ntaifitness made independent research and development design
    Superb production technology to create high-quality commercial gym equipment, the use of Italian design of the forward-looking, Germany’s rigorous technical process, a strong R & D capabilities, and high-end production equipment, built high-quality products; to establish standards in line with IS09001 System operation, to meet customer needs!
  3. with the world’s leading fitness institutions long-term cooperation
    Providing sports and fitness equipment for tens of thousands of gymnasiums. So that the Beverly fitness equipment in the global market, well-received, we designed for the gym professional treadmill and dynamic cycling and other fitness equipment in the market popular.
  4. improve the national after-sales service system
    Product problems the first time to deal with! Equipped with a special staff, product data entry database, at any time call; problem products, at any time feedback, immediately respond! please contact us.

Configuration details are for reference only. If you need more information, please contact us, we provide a one-stop service for the gym. We are a manufacturer.


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