20 Minute Full Body Workout Using Cable Machine 

We don’t need to tell you what role exercise plays in our life. How exercise is important, selecting the proper equipment for it is equally important. One of the best machines that you could come across for exercise is the Cable Machine.

A 20 minutes Cable Machine workout daily with the help of it can work wonders for those who want a good body shape. Here are 3 exercises that you can do with the help of this machine. 

1. Triceps pushdown

For this exercise, you need to attach the top to the pulley on the carriage of the cable station and try to adjust it in such a way that it goes near the top third of the cable machine. After this, the exact position will depend on your height. If you ask us about the required resistance, then we would say 10 to 15 pounds is great for beginners. As soon as you start feeling comfortable, increase the weight accordingly. 

Now, you need to face the pulley, grab the rope and stand one foot away from the machine.

You need to brace your core and bend your arms down, by bending on your knees and bringing your elbows close to your ribs. With all your control, you need your arms to come back up and once you stop you have made a 90-degree angle. This will be counted as one rep and when you do this 15 times, you will complete three sets of the exercise. Here is a good share about chest exercise for mass.

2. Glute Kickback

For this, you need to adjust the carriage in such a way that it is on the bottom of the cable machine. You need to place the ankle strap attachment around your left ankle, and then it needs to be attached to the machine. You need to face the pulley. Now, select desirable weight for yourself, 10-20 pounds would be good for the beginning. You need to place your hands on the frame to maintain your balance and need to be away two feet away from the machine. 

With a slight bend in your knees and your core engaged, you need to kick your left leg back as high as it is possible, with the knee slightly bent and core engaged. You got to hold this for a second or two and then back to the first position. This count as one rep and 15 reps count as three sets.  Read our another article about leg machine exercise.

3. Single-Leg Squat Pull

Your position should include levers at the chest height and the shoulder width should be apart. For beginners, there should be 10 to 20 pounds on each stack. You need to take the handle in each hand, your arms should be extended and the palms should face the floor. Now, do the squat by lifting your leg in front. As you pull the handles straight towards your sides, you need to rise. To complete the set, you need to switch the legs in between. 

These were three of the easiest yet important 20 minutes exercises that you can perform with the help of Cable machine. We have explained the way of doing them in a detailed manner. So, we are sure the readers won’t face any problem. 


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