How to Work Out at a Gym for Free

How to Work Out at a Gym for Free

You’re likely one of the many who made promises to get healthier and in shape this year. Unfortunately, quite a few who made those resolutions aren’t going to stick to them for one reason or another. The key is finding what works for you and often going to a gym is a great solution for people who need a bit of motivation to work out, especially if they go with a friend.

However, what do you do if you really want to work out at the gym and don’t have the money to do so? Ntaifitness gym equipment recommend, consider trying one of the following ways to work out at the gym for free.

Get a guest pass from the gym

Gyms want new members, and in order to help make that happen, they give out guest passes. Let a gym know you’re interested in testing out their facility and you’ll likely be able to get a guest pass for a day. Some places will even give out passes for longer.

Get a guest pass from a current member

Most gyms allow their current members to have guest passes and often, there’s not many restrictions to follow. You may have to go with the person for the pass or go on certain days, but it can certainly be worth it if you get to go for free and be able to work out with your friend in the process.

Get a pass through your job

Some businesses offer gym passes for their employees, but you may have to ask in order to learn more about it. Other businesses have a private gym you can use at the building itself.
Work at the gym

If you work at a gym, even part time, chances are you’ll be able to work out there for free. You’ll make a little extra cash, meet new people and won’t have to worry about spending extra on a gym membership.

Go back to school

Most colleges and universities allow you to use their gyms for free, so if you’re thinking of going back to school, even part time, don’t worry about getting a gym membership. Just use what the school has instead.

Be friends with those in the fitness industry

I have several friends in the fitness industry who occasionally offer free classes for everything from spin to Pilates, especially if they’re working on their certification. If you know anyone who works in the fitness industry, ask if they know of anyone who offers free classes and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Don’t think that you have to give up working out at a gym just because you don’t have the funds to pay for it. Consider some of the aforementioned and you could end up at the gym several times a week without ever shelling out money.

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